Weekend wandering

Last weekend we three bundled up warm and went for a wander to the leisure centre to let Olive have a little play in the park. It was incredibly frosty and icy cold but the sun was out and warmed our cheeks ever so slightly. Olive enjoyed the swings even though her finger tips seemed to have turned into pink icicles.
We have a big park local to us but it isn't all that nice and full of bigger kids who are far too old to be playing in the little's area so we love coming to this little spot at weekends with our dear little lady.
Olive is such an adventurer these days so we just had to let her go for a little wander sans pushchair. The grass was a mix of soft mud in patches and hard frost in others so she seemed a little wobbly walking on it bless her. She wants to look and touch almost everything and would probably much prefer to walk than sit in her pushchair given the chance. I think I shall be purchasing some 'reigns' this weekend so I can let her explore a little more... safely! She is a fast roamer that one!!

When we couldn't take the icy temperatures any longer we decided to walk back home to warm up. On the way we briefly stopped to go get a family snap in the photobooth which was fun.
When Olive looks at the strip of us all she just says "hat!". She has a mild obsession with hats at the moment, she nearly always has a hat on indoors whether it's hers or her Daddy's!
We had a lovely afternoon. It is so wonderful to just go out and play and slowing down without cramming all the boring stuff in too. Olive had a lovely time too. I love our little family days.

Sebastian created a wee video of our time in the park, if you fancy watching Olive being extra cute on the swings, waving at passers by and attempting to walk on the uneven grass. It's a good one! I think we're going to start creating more videos of our little adventures. We would love for you to subscribe to our YouTube channel - keep in the loop! 
Let me know what you think of our little video.

What have you got planned for the rest of the weekend?


  1. That photo strip of the three of you is just so darling - I see such a happy and sweet family! I think Olive will really cherish those photos when she is older. (video was super adorable too!)

  2. So adorable! I loved the little video of Olive (and her family) on an adventure ❤️
    My weekend, or at least what's left, will be spent with my precious two little granddaughters.
    The oldest, Bayleigh, is 4 and the youngest, Bella, is 2. They love taking their "Mimi" on little adventures!

  3. Isn't she the sweetest little pumpkin ever. I hope you all are feeling better by now. Lots of hugs, and gnome kisses for Olive!

  4. what an absoluite sweetie, and I love the photobooth photos! #familygoals! Alice xxx


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