You are my Sunshine...

This week has been glorious for both magical sunrises and gorgeous sunshine. Mother nature is killing any bad vibes around here and spreading the love through wintry accents, early pastel mornings, warm sun rays upon icy cold noses and even a bright sparkly sighting of Jupiter.
This week has been wonderful.
The one huge positive of being back to work two days a week means I have to be up and out of the house super early. So early that the walk down to the bus stop means stopping every 10 steps to take a snap or two or five of the stunning pastel view. The whole bus ride feels like a magical tour bus ride through a pinky lilacy tunnel and I am almost tempted to get up a tiny bit earlier so I can walk through it instead.
It sure does ease the idea of being back to work instead of staying home with my little lady. However we did make the most of our days off together in the sunshine.

On Wednesday we wrapped up warm in our knitted pink hats and mittens and piled into my best friend's car where we drove to the seaside. Stopping on the way for coffee (obviously!), then singing and pointing at sheep and birds all the way to the sea. Walking along the seafront in Winter is my favourite thing to do. It's no secret I prefer the seaside in Winter than in Summer. There aren't alot of people around except walkers and pups - which Olive was most excited about "wooohwoooh" ('woof woof').
We walked and talked for over an hour whilst Olive snoozed most of the way. Ahh blissful sea air saves any sleepy Mama.
The sun was out and it was just wonderful. What a lovely way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.
Thursday came and so did the sunshine again, Wow. Blue skies and early blooms - it's nearly Spring! I couldn't not take little lady out in it. So after I baked banana bread and we ate lunch we went for a stroll. We popped to the shops to pick up some essentials then wandered ran around the library picking out some books. I absolutely love the way Olive says book, it's probably the best pronounced word other than Mammy, Daddy, Nanny and cat. The rest of her vocabulary (and it's a huge one!) is very much obvious or a really good effort but not 'perfect'. She is wonderful.
After the library, we sat in the gardens for a while watching birds, nibbling rice crackers and stroking a ridiculously fluffy dog before heading back home to nap.
We have no plans for today as such but it's beautifully sunny again so I may have to take full advantage of it and take Olive to the swings this afternoon. Or maybe I will save the swings for the weekend when Sebastian is home. I wish we had more outdoor/fun things to do or pretty walks nearby.

 Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans? I hope the sun stays out for us, though according to the weatherman it is set to be sunny all week. Yay.


  1. She is growing up so much, and such a pretty little thing too. I love the way she is looking at you in that photo with your friend, so sweet x x

  2. What gorgeous pictures! I'm glad you're not finding your return to work too gut-wrenching and making the most of your days off with the little 'un

  3. Such beautiful pictures and time spent with your precious little one. Xx it sounds a perfect way to spend mummy and baby time, by the seaside. Xx

    Best wishes.

    Keep Calm and start writing -

  4. Ohhh I love little Olive, your posts always cheer me up so much seeing her little smiling face! Sounds like a glorious week! Alice xxx


*Forever Love*