Fairy clocks & ginger snaps // MiniTTDER wears

Olive's wardrobe will forever be my favourite type of wardrobe. It is filled with pastels, patterns and prints and oozes beauty. My favourite outfits to put her in are blouses, little leggings and a collared cardigan. Luckily it's still chilly enough to layer up with all the pretty clothing, and she has enough to change up every outfit.
I love this dandelion print blouse. Alot. With it being white and a minimal pattern it goes so well with everything. Countless times I have bought things in the sale on impulse and then when it's time for Olive to wear them they don't go with anything else she has.
^^^ Mama fuel

This gorgeous blouse was kindly sent to little Olive from the wonderful ladies at Mama et Moi. The smocking around the neck, the sweet button up back and the beautiful 'fairy clock' print makes it the sweetest little top for any girl's wardrobe! It looks perfect with any of her leggings. I love the pairs from Next with the little crochet lace trim.
At this age I'm lucky enough to be in control of what Olive wears which makes me happy. There are so many florals and sweet style of clothing out there that I have always imagined my little girl wearing. I just know it won't be too long until she is deciding what she wears and it's already started. She is constantly wanting to wear a hat around the house!
Olive has a lovely little collection of hats which we have had to put in a basket in the living room because she kept opening the drawer of her cabinet to get them out - safety hazard! When I say she is obsessed with wearing a hat, I mean she doesn't go longer than 30 minutes without putting one on! She'll almost always take Sebastian's off him (She gets her love of hats from her Daddy!).
Wearing a hat whilst eating a little gingerbread man is common practise for the little lady.


  1. I do love the style you always choose for her. I love picking out what my little boy wears each day but it seems there's so much more of a gorgeous selection for little girls!

  2. Those eyelashes! Such a beautiful baby

  3. Aaah so CUTE!!

    Rachael xx.

  4. I love the blouse, I wish they had them for bigger people! Alice xxx


  5. Olive's wardrobe is so dreamy - I don't care that I'm nearly 24, I'd wear it all haha. I know it doesn't matter etc etc but I'm so pleased you got a little girl to dress up haha x

    Sick Chick Chic


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