All that glitters

Gold glitter push up pop! New Years eve wedding, bridesmaid gift, will you be my…
Eiffel Tower
❋ Show Me Your Mumu ❋
Take your party décor to a higher level- Float these whimsical confetti filled balloons! 12 inch clear balloons filled with super shiny, rough
Confetti Balloon / Jumbo Metallic 36 Balloon / As by knotandbow
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On days when you don't feel quite so sparkly and you feel like your skies are gloomy and grey, open up Pinterest and scroll through ALL the glittery pins whilst listening to S Club 7 (eg. Reach, S Club party) and B*witched (C'est la vie). You will not be disappointed. In fact you will feel like opening up the craft box and smothering your cheeks and hair with the glittery stuff and dancing on your bed swishing your hair with your arms in the air. All without a damn care in the world.

This is what I did this afternoon. A different kind of self-care BUT it works! A BIG shout out to MrTTDER for telling me to turn the not-so-cheery music off and reminding me how GOOD S Club makes me feel (seriously, have you listened to their lyrics!?! They have it SPOT.ON!).

For super sparkly glittery pins, I have a whole board dedicated to it, here.


  1. How lovely!! Good self care, 90s pop music inspiration!! You can't go wrong.

    Very best wishes to you.

    Keep Calm and start writing ~

    1. Such a simple self care exercise. Perfect for quick fixes!

      Have a wonderful Monday! xxx


*Forever Love*