Little explorer // Summer catch up

Olive has had the most fun this Summer playing in the gardens of loved ones. Collecting "stones", smelling flowers, watching the bees, drawing on the patio with chalk, spying bugs and wiggly worms, sorting clothes pegs into colours, helping to pick the homegrown fruit and vegetables, collecting eggs and feeding the chickens, running around and playing ball.
I love watching Olive play and be free. It makes my heart warm inside. One day I'll be watching Olive exploring in our very own garden and for that I absolutely cannot wait. Pressing flowers, making cakes using mud, water and bun cases, building fairy houses and collecting treasure, planting seeds, making pictures from sun paper and leaves.

Until then, we'll be sure to spend our time walking in the woods, jumping in big puddles, collecting pinecones, acorn cups and leaves. Feeding the ducks and smelling the flowers in our families' gardens. We are so lucky to have nature.

Are you making the most of your garden?

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