Slow mornings // Autumn

Slow October mornings are my ultimate favourites. The warm sun peeps through the window, but there is a chill in the air, staying in our pyjamas and slippers with the radio softly playing is the most comforting of plans. With a hot cup of tea and a delicious breakfast, Olive and I talk about our plans for the day, as usual, and we decide to stay snuggled up indoors and bake cookies.
Whilst I potter around the house, showering and cleaning up, Olive sits in front of the warm window and reads one of her books. I silently tiptoe in the room to capture the moment so I can savour it for all time. It fills my heart with such joy to watch her quietly sit and read, or play nicely on her own. I creep off back to the kitchen to get the cookies and when I come back she's rolling around the floor singing 'row row row yo boat'.
After a few small jobs have been completed and the cookies have cooled, we sit and sip our drinks together on the floor and have an oat and raisin cookie each. Dipping them in our tea/milk and 'cheers'-ing them before nibbling them all up. After we read a couple of books together and play with some puzzles (and most likely colouring in!!), it's time for Olive's lunchtime nap. I keep her snuggled up in her pyjamas and decide to get her dressed when she wakes up. Sometimes it's just too cold to get dressed. When you're nearly 2 you can get away with wearing anything, especially Pyjamas all day!
I love slow mornings or days like these. I have had such a busy few weeks with plans and emotions that I think Olive and I are due another slow day very soon. More pyjama mornings, less rush, more baking and maybe a little Christmas Frank on the record player with a flickering, cosy candle or two on the mantle. Ahh bliss.

Autumn and Winter are THE perfect excuse for cosy days aren't they?!


  1. Absolutely! I've got Friday off this week and I kind of hope it's tipping it down so I can snuggle up in bed all day with a book, guilt-free. Slow, lazy days are good for the soul x

  2. I love slow mornings! Actually I love any time of the day that feel that perfect kind of slow. That kind of slow when you can take a step back and appreciate where you are and the blessings in your life. Great post!

  3. You're certainly right about wearing pjs all the time as a kid

    Mel ✨

  4. I just came across your blog through Bloglovin and I love how you captured this slow October morning. I love having similar days with my 6 month old. She stays in her little pajamas until she's done with her afternoon nap and we take it easy sometimes. She plays with her toys while I smile and admire her or I read a book to her and we just cuddle. Your morning sounds similar, which I love. Love how you photographed these simple beautiful moments with your daughter. So sweet.


  5. This was the cutest of posts and I loved reading what you and Olive got up to <3


  6. Hey Charlotte!I never made a comment in your page,even though I've been reading it for years now,well,I just wanted to say how much I like the things you post,you have a special way to capture moments through photos,thoughts,I think you have a unique way of seeing the world and it is so magical,so beautiful!And your baby girl,she is so adorable!Sometimes when I'm having a hard day I come here to look at the lovely pictures you take,or just to know how is life for you,it always makes me happy and comforted somehow...anyway,keep doing what you do and being who you are,you're amazing.Sending you love from Brazil.xx

  7. What a lovely day! Love how warm and cuddly she is!



*Forever Love*