"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, every where you go"

I am in full Christmas mode. With only 37 days to go I am enjoying listening to Christmas music of all kinds (hello Wham! Bublé and of course Frank) with little Olive whilst nibbling on a mince pie with hot milk. Last weekend Olive and I watched the Polar Express with my friend Lucy and it was confirmation that Olive is just as much in love with this time of year as I am. Phew!
She gets excited when she spots a Christmas tree or decorations in the shops, and don't get me started on "Farva Chrissmas"! Though she doesn't fully understand yet, she sure as heck understands the magic and excitement Christmas brings. It really is true what they say about it being even more special when you have children. I am ALL kinds of excited this year.
We don't have much money this year but I still want to get (all 4) parents something to remind them how much we appreciate everything they do for us all. I haven't fully decided what yet but I plan to include some homemade gifts this year. Well, I do this every year but this time I will have a very excited helper. I originally wanted to make jars of mincemeat but that looks rather intense (and ALL the ingredients). I might try and make these next year, early Autumn when money doesn't feel as precious. The one idea we plan to make are bird seed decorations. At least for my parents as they love their gardens and birds, and it will be something they can use and enjoy. I found a recipe online and it looks fairly easy (and messy!) for a mother/daughter activity.
If it's a success I might post it here if anyone is interested?
I still can't believe it's 5 and a half weeks away. I have decided to enter the world of potty training mid December which means I will have lots of time at home to get organised for Christmas. I plan to bake lots (spiced biscuits), make gifts and wrapping paper as well as pine cone garlands with Olive, watch Christmas films and decorate the house into a twinkly lit grotto. All of the things I imagined I would do when I had children.
Oh and not forgetting, celebrating a certain little girl's second birthday ... wow, I would very much like time to slow down please.

What activities do you plan to get into the festive spirit?
Does anyone have any interesting/useful/delicious/inexpensive homemade gift ideas to give to family? I'd love to hear them.


  1. Sweet post :) You're getting me in the mood, too! Husband says no Christmas music until December 1st but after a discussion (prompted by the post) we've agreed on the first weekend of Advent - hah! (he's a bit of a grinch, that guy)
    I LOVE receiving homemade cookie or soup (beans, spices, dried vegetables, etC) mixes - I think it would make the perfect DIY gift.

    1. I love this Cynthia! Tell Husband off for being a grump. I bet he secretly enjoys it ;) I'm sure a mince pie will help!
      Oh I love that idea!! A soup mix so all they need to add is water/stock!!! Love! Thank you xxx

  2. Bless OLive getting all festive. Too early for us here - I have a big work project which will all wrap on the 8th December so we will start getting festive after that.

    1. Oh yes, get that project out the way first and then all the festivities can commence! xxx

  3. Wow I can't believe she's nearly two! Time flies, but she seems so clever and chatty for a two year old! Homemade Christmas presents are the absolute best!! Alice xxx

  4. I am in full Christmas mode too. I'm planning to have a list on what to do before this month ends. Great post, dear. I enjoyed reading it.


*Forever Love*