Life Lately

Is it me or has October / November just been whizzing by!? I always feel like there isn't much of Autumn any more. September is mostly warm and Summery still and most of November feels pretty much like Winter! Brr.
I have been trying to enjoy the Autumnal vibe of November as much as I can by having hot cinnamon porridge and tea, kicking the fallen leaves along the path on my walk to work and taking all the pictures of the pastel sunrise each morning. I think I'm fulfilling my Autumnal dream.
We have been enjoying slow mornings, brisk walks for small doses of fresh air and milk, making Christmas lists to try and get myself organised (why is my family so big!!) and pinning ALL the homemade gift ideas on Pinterest. Weekend zoo visits so Olive could befriend the monkeys, gorillas and elephants, sipping warm caramel hot chocolates and planning exciting weekend things for some Charlotte time. Not forgetting the calm candlelit breakfasts Olive and I have been having.
We have also enjoyed many cosy moments snuggled up at home with the heating on... as well as catching colds and sick bugs.
What Autumnal moments have you been enjoying lately?


  1. I know the exact feeling - summer was still happening in September and now Christmas ads are everywhere.

  2. Sometimes autumn days can switch so quickly from warm summer to freezing frosty winter! Alice xxx


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