MiniTTDER moments

On those hard, challenging days at work or similar and you feel like you could just cry because you have had enough or simply hormonal and you walk through your front door and your world has been made with such perfect little moments of happiness and magic.

I walked through my door on Monday evening, in from the early dark nighttime sky and into the warm doorway of home. Home where the heart literally is. And on this day especially.
After peeling off the layers and emptying the contents of my bag I stepped over the safety gate, a big grin on my face as I watched my two favourite humans dancing around the living room to Lilo & Stitch "Roller-coaster Ride". If you have heard this song you will know it's impossible not to dance to, and for that reason it is one of my favourite Disney songs.

Olive saw me and came running over to me with the biggest smile, arms stretched out squealing "Mummy's home noww" and gave me the world's biggest, warmest (most needed!) hug and grabbed my hand to dance with her and Sebastian. We all galloped around the room, Sebastian twirling Olive around every now and again. They had been listening to Disney songs for the last hour and I think they are both obsessed!!

Whilst Sebastian went to make tea and get a cup of milk for her, Olive grabbed my hand again and insisted  we go for 'walkens'. Walking hand in hand, from the living room to the hallway and back again we walked to the (imaginary) shops "to get cake", then to the zoo to see "the gorillas, monkeys, rhino and elephants" and then finished at the park. This lasted about 15 minutes, back and forth, hand in hand. Her imagination is coming along so wonderfully. It is absolutely magical to see. 
And what's even more magical is how such tiny special moments can turn your difficult, miserable day around in a blink of an eye.

I had to write this beautiful memory somewhere so I can treasure it forever.

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  1. Bless her - I love this story!


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