Those moments

Those moments where your toddler is asking to get out of the pushchair (for the 50th time that week) and you finally agree on this occasion (because you're not in a shop full of breakables or filled with people!), and she has the best time.
Those moments are the wonderful ones. When it's officially Autumn and the grass is covered in leaves that aren't green, and the path is sprinkled with acorn cups and hard conker shells and shiny smooth conkers that she has never seen before. It all looks different to what it did the last time you let her out of the pushchair for a wander. She wants to collect every new piece of treasure, because that is exactly what it is to her, treasure.
She spots a squirrel darting up and down the tree trunk, faster than her eyes can follow, but she watches it collecting acorns and running up and down again. She squeals with excitement, pointing "look Mummy, look. A 'skirral'". And giggles. She picks up more acorn cups, pretends to sip out of it and puts it in my hand to put safely in my coat pocket. She carefully selects a variety of different leaves for her collection; some oak leaves and 2 brown crunchy ones. And of course another pinecone.
Those moments can be a short little wander to you, but to her it's a very long time and so fascinating. We take nature and all it's beauty for granted because we are so spoilt. We assume there are leaves on the floor, we assume there are conkers in the tree but we need to spend less time thinking and more time doing. More time looking up, exploring, touching the different textures and watching the squirrels. We humans are so very lucky. Sometimes you need a toddler to remind you just how much.
^^^ Olive's treasure. We later used these to paint with which was so much fun.


  1. What a beautiful post xxx autumn adventures through the eyes of a little one, so precious. You seem such a wonderful mum. X best wishes.

    Keep Calm and start writing ~

    1. Thank you so much Amelia, That's so lovely of you to say :) xxx

  2. I love her idea of treasure haha - and bless her, she seems to be so sweet!

  3. gorgeous post :) what a little treasure you have x

  4. Absolutely love this post, what a beautiful bebe! Alice xxx


*Forever Love*