2018 // A new chapter

What I really would love to do this year is to focus on myself and do things that make me happy, and that push me and my confidence to do better.
I also want to achieve some of the things that are on my list of Goals/focal points/whatever you want to call them, and make them all a part of my everyday, to focus on each and every year. Because let's face it, we can always be and DO better.
A few things...
I am really wanting to stick to a routine. Olive wakes earlier these days and so I need to go to bed earlier. I would like to give myself a curfew, not a strict one but a vague one, to keep me in check! I have enjoyed reading lately, I find it helps me to switch off so I really want to keep that up, I'm aiming for an hour a day at least.

Which brings me to my next goal of wanting to read more. For years I would choose a terrible but addictive series to watch, especially in the early Breastfeeding days (and basically the entire first six months of motherhood!) instead of picking up a good book. I think I spent 15 months reading the same book until I finally finished it last year. It wasn't that it wasn't good, it's just that other things took preference. However, once I finished that one, I managed to read 3 more books in under 5 months. And I have just finished my first one of 2018. I hope to read 12 books, one book a month.

I really REALLY want to minimise my phone use. I would like to try to schedule social media into my day somehow. There are days where I find myself scrolling through Instagram whilst I'm playing with Olive and when she's a little grumpy she gets frustrated at things and me for not paying her attention. It makes me sad that I chose to pick my phone up whilst we were in the middle of hanging out. I want to give her my full undivided attention when we're doing something together and I can't do that with my phone attached to me. I am also remembering to use my camera more.

I would like to focus on being more creative this year. Instead of attempting handfuls of projects I am going to focus on one, the one that will hopefully see me through to quitting my office job! (*cross fingers*). Therefore leaving all the other ideas I have and want to try, as fun activities. There isn't much time in the day anymore but I would like to utilise the time I DO have much more efficiently and!
This goes for blogging too. Perhaps I need to schedule an evening a week so I make myself do it. I am so keen on keeping this little space going.

Talking of organising my time, I am going to start meal planning for Olive again. I want to push myself back into batch cooking, making lovely dishes and delicious snacks for her. I love filling my freezer with organised meals. Mostly because I love to have a 'slow' week now and then where I don't do an awful lot of household tasks/go on playdates etc and can defrost her dinner. I love nothing more than baking up a storm in the kitchen of delicious and healthy foods for my little girl. She loves her snacks too so this way I know that she's getting all the good stuff.

On to more 'good stuff'. My aim this year is to be more ethical with what I am eating, wearing, using and just in general. I'm not big on make up or using skincare but now I'm getting older (and more tired!) I am noticing that I need to be a little kinder to my body (I'm talking to you eye bags!). I have learnt that the majority of my small collection of self care products are not exactly ethical so I'm slowly replacing all my things with cruelty free brands, organic products and all from ethical resources. Just talking about it makes me feel better about the planet in knowing that I'm helping it a teeny tiny bit.
This being said I have also started being so much more focused on zero waste and every tiny or big part I can play in saving the planet.
I would love to say 'I'm going Vegan' but honestly, I would disappoint myself by being unsuccessful at this. I do however want to cut down on eating meat to a point where I can say I am sticking to a plant based diet but with eggs and cheese*. I don't eat a whole lot of meat anyway but I do love eggs and a cheese toastie is the holy grail. I would love to explore cooking a whole lot more and be confident that I can experiment with ingredients to create delicious, healthy meals and snacks. These are more life goals... but starting them in January seems logical, right?
*and Chocolate. I need to train my brain in liking dark chocolate a whole lot more then I'd be more inclined to consider going Vegan. There are just NO yummy Vegan brands accessible near me so I struggle with the thought of converting.

If anyone has any recommendations for ethical clothing brands and household products and magical 'tired eyes' cream, please send them my way!

Decluttering is another big task on my to do list this year. I think it's the whole 'It's January, It's a brand new year' vibe that gets us all post Christmas. We have a desire to get rid of all our 'stuff'. I live in a rented town house (/maisonette) with big rooms and high ceilings and we have managed to fill every space possible and now I'm feeling claustrophobic. I have this deep sensation of throwing everything into the street and starting again ... but of course that's preposterous. So instead I would love to start clearing out all the unwanted things we have no use for (I have far two many tea mugs and drinking glasses. Too many magazines and far too much of everything!). I have a big collection of costume jewellery that I know I can give away because I just don't wear it anymore.

I am also passionate about decluttering my mind too. Lately I have had so much on my plate that I have been getting stressed and anxious about because there is just no room up there to properly think. (Also I'm a big believer that a "tidy house means a tidy mind!" ... which is why I haven't blogged for so long - my desk has been a minefield!).
I would love to start Meditation and introduce some calming yoga sessions at home. I really believe that this will help me control my headspace and help unfold my issues et al. And lead to complete control of myself. Also, self care is a big thing on my "Life To Do" list.

So that's it (she says casually like there are 3 things that are achievable overnight!). All my 2018/Life goals that I have started/want to start all on one big list for me to go back and refer to.
I started this year in a pretty big powerful way thinking "This year is going to be MY year" and I'm ending January in a bit of a mind frazzle due to personal reasons. However I believe that this year can only be MY year if I make it that way. So this post has really helped push me in that mindset and I have some strong Motivational vibes going on right now.
Tell me all about your 2018/Life goals. Oh and any Ethical brand recommendations that you can send me would be so appreciated - Household products, clothing, skincare, make up ... everything!

Happy January to you all and hoping your month has been filled with big cups of tea and cosy candle lit evenings. I'm sure as heck going to make my February pretty much the same, but with heart shaped chocolates and pancakes too.


  1. It sounds like we have such similar goals (I am nodding at literally every single point) and things we're striving for this year! I've had good luck keeping to a routine bedtime - always trying to just be in bed and read about an hour before I actually need to go to bed. It's nice because I always look forward to the reading portion! And then sometimes you fall asleep before the reading hour is up, but hey, more sleep couldn't hurt :)
    I too really want to minimize mindless social media this year. I hate that I feel less connected to my partner because of all these gadgets around! Trying to put them away a lot of the time and focus on more important things, as it sounds like you've really recognized as well.
    My favorite plant-based eating inspiration always comes from My New Roots (have you seen her blog?). Sarah is a true earth mama who sticks to plant-based but recognizes the nutritional value in occasional egg and cheese which I am so down for.
    Good luck, Charlotte :)) We can do it!

    1. Oh Cynthia! 'My New Roots'. I love it! I love it so much. Thank you for sharing. So much inspiration, and so many delicious recipes.
      Your reading before bed sounds exactly what I would like to do every evening. I'm going to try to stick to it for sure. It helps when you have a good book too!

      We got this Cynthia. We can do it! Let's check in and see how we're getting on in a few months. See if we're on track. xxx

  2. Goodreads in a great place to set your own reading goal as they do a challenge every year and the company is great too

    Mel ✨

  3. We have just started going to meditation and it's great. So many yoga studios do this now!

  4. A girl after my own heart :) I am with you on practically all of these goals.
    I've been vegetarian since the 20th December and have found it surprisingly easy, even buying vegan products when I spot them too (but yes, I agree the cheese is a biggie) I've not been using my phone nearly as much and as a result have been finding more time to read other peoples blogs for a change. I've swapped out all my skincare products for cruelty free and hope to do a blog post on that later this week. Supermarket own brands and Superdrug have been life savers but also LUSH and The Body Shop.
    Totally agree with Mel on the Goodreads front, it's great for tracking your progress of books read and is good for recommendations too.
    All in all I would just say try not to put too much pressure on yourself my dear, take little steps and you will get to where you want to be :) xxx


*Forever Love*