Little wanderings

Those special moments when you're walking to your friends house and you have so much fun spying nature. Oh to be two!
Jumping in deep muddy puddles, finding the perfect stickman stick, teeny tiny stones that look like every other stone ever, but you just cannot help but pick one up and put it in your pocket. Pretty tiny pink flowers and pretty tiny pink berries with rain drops that cling to them like a Koala's hug. Icy cold hand holding and aeroplane watching. Bright warm sunshine and cosy woollen scarves and hats and the most brilliant bestest ladybird wellies you ever did see.
Olive wears :: Woodland coat and stripey hat - M&S// Ladybird wellies - Next//
Striped knitted trousers - Zara// Seahorse backpack - LittleLife

The smallest of wanderings with Olive are my favourites. She loves to explore and to stop and to sit in the mud (Gah!), to collect sticks and identical stones and to shout "Hello doggy!" to every fluffy tailed passer by.
She is my dream adventure buddy.


  1. Oh, those little wellies. My heart!

    Mel ✨

  2. ohhhh to have a little babba to do this with! At the weekend we went on a very muddy walk with our niece who's visiting from Canada and she refused to wear anything other than her cream princess dress, and then dived in every puddle or patch of mud head first, got covered head to foot, then when she was tired decided to lie down on the floor and refuse to go on! Alice xxx


*Forever Love*