Things I learnt from a social media break...

There is more to life than having an internet presence. And watching the number count go up and down and up again and... so on. And making sure that those little squares all match up nicely so not to lose any more numbers ... and learning that it doesn't matter if they do because you'll still lose numbers anyway!

This isn't really about the numbers though.

I gained a sense of freedom when I turned all notifications off a few weeks ago. I fell in love with sitting at my laptop and blogging again. I watched an entire film, alone, properly without any form of distraction. I enjoyed the quiet, stillness that life brings. And it was an absolute blissful dream.
I love my internet family, my TTDER friends, but I love myself so much more and I desperately needed this time away to let my frazzled head think and my heavy chest breathe. I have things going on that I needed to focus on, I needed to clear my head a little so I could spend time to process it all. And the only way that I felt I could manage, right now, was to ignore the rest of the world for a while.
I still have a long way to go but I feel a lot more relaxed with other parts of my life now that I have had time to switch off.

One of my goals this year was to minimise my phone use and shutting it all off has really helped me achieve this already. The key to this- TURN.NOTIFICATIONS.OFF. Simple. (WhatsApp was the worst.) Who knew!
Another of my goals was Self Care.
So I am really going to try to keep this up now. So, my darling friends (if you even still read this little floral space on the net!!), if you need me - call me, text me or better still come and visit. That's how I can be best reached right now. I'm not going to be rushing to turn notifications on again and I will make sure not to check daily either. It's not you. It's me. This is all about me. So please do not think that I am ignoring you, I simply do not have my phone attached to me any more.
I promise to still be a good friend though.
I would just like to add that this isn't mostly about an addiction to a couple of apps but the fact that I had a fuzzy head and with the use of my phone filling every free 2 minutes I had, I no longer had time to stop and think about what was really going on up there.
Not only have I gained a little headspace but I have also gained a little more of my life back. Memory making (without the use of my phone camera) and room to enjoy the peaceful moments that life brings.

Isn't it funny how we always have the most wonderful ideas in the shower!?
And how we always remember that work email we forgot to send or the missing item from the supermarket trip, when we are trying to get to sleep!? 
Do you see the pattern here? We no longer give ourselves the time to think. I mean REALLY think.
I wonder, when was the last time you DIDN'T pick up your phone and get Google to answer a question?
I wonder, where I would be right now without the use of technological procrastination.

I'd like to change all that. For me at least. Because I need this, now more than ever.

Thank you to everyone who sent me kind messages. Thank you to my friends who had to use text messages and emails again! Without you all I think I would have crumbled a long time ago. I will forever be grateful for the Internet and it's wonder. I just need to limit my time using it. It does by no mean that I love you or value it any less, it just means I value it more. You are all SO amazing.

I am so SO grateful. You have no idea.


  1. I think this is very true! Let us know any top tips for doing a bit of a detox.

  2. turning notifications off all the apps on my phone has been the BIGGEST and most positive change i've made this year. i can't eve explain the calmness it has brought to my life...i would recommend the hell out of it to anybody!! haha i did the exact same as you...actually sat down and watched an entire film with 0 distraction for the first time in years!

    katie. xx

  3. Good for you, Charlotte. I still haven't succumbed to a smartphone and so only ever communicate via texts. When I'm out with my husband or friends and their phones are pinging almost constantly with Whatsapp notification, it drives me mad! Enjoy the peace x


*Forever Love*