Each day.

This pin literally sums it up for me lately. Motherhood, life, work.
All the things that I always felt were important to me, in a relationship, in a work place, in motherhood, have just seemed to be dwindling of late. When I believe strongly about something it is hard to let it go, shut it down therefore bringing me emotional struggle. But there comes a time where if your husband doesn't deem it important, your managers are saying its alright and you just want to avoid a tantrum with your toddler - then like Elsa, just let it go. Let that crappy energy go!
This Summer's heat, growing a human and getting enough rest is already taking a lot of my energy up I lack any spare energy to waste on pointless battles.

So let's all take a seat, let the universe do it's thing (and making me all kinds of emotional!) and care about the things that really need our care and attention. Like baking banana cake and reading our books by candle light when the children are tucked up asleep.

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