I have been spending these last few weeks soaking up all the moments with Olive before the bebe arrives. We have had plenty of playdates (for my sanity), one-on-one time and little wanders in the Autumnal sunshine.
My favourite dates with her are when it is just me and her and we are wandering with no destination or plan. Usually she suggests we "go for a coffee at the coffee shop!" and sometimes we do, and other times we just walk a different way through the churchyard in the centre and "look for squirrels". We don't see any, but we discover new things, stroke the friendly cat, collect sticks, listen to the magical church bells at midday, kick through crunchy leaves and end up choosing books to borrow at the library.
Sometimes it ends up with a "coffee date" at home at snack time. With milk, tea and slices of homemade spiced apple cake on the living room floor. Sometimes with my choice of music (Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons) but mostly Disney music playing in the background.
I will miss our little dates together but we are both looking forward to bebe cuddles now. Though I hope Olive will always be my best friend, and mine hers.


  1. This post was the cutest! I also loved your post with the donkeys and Olive's playdate friend! How far along are you in your pregnancy now? x

  2. The cake seems so tasty, hmmm...
    Great post, miss Charlotte!
    Sweet kisses.


*Forever Love*