2018 - Reflection

I set myself some pretty achievable goals/focuses in 2018 and looking back through my posts (2018 - A mid year reflection and 2018 // A new chapter) I feel pretty good about last year. Okay so I didn't leave my office job BUT I did leave it temporarily to have a baby... so I guess I kind of achieved that one, along will successfully completing most of the other goals too.
Reading. I completed a total of 13 books out of the target of 12 I set myself. The last book I read was 'The Hypnobirthing Book' by Katherine Graves back in October. I seemed a little pre-occupied after that!!
I have really enjoyed reading, especially the easy-reads by Katie Fforde, Rosie Blake etc. I mostly enjoyed discovering Eva Rice (my best friend's favourite). I love that escapism that these type of books bring me. The last few months I have lost myself to 'just-about-awake-Netflix-viewing' whilst I breastfeed during the evening/nighttime, but I really miss reading. However we're noticing a bit of a routine with bebe so I'm hoping I can slot in some valuable reading time again.

Minimise phone use. 'Since the social media break I gave myself in January, this one has been an easy one to keep up...' Just like I mentioned in my mid year reflection post, here I have enjoyed less phone use. After an overwhelming Christmastime  I am definitely due another social media break. But turning all notifications off on my phone really has helped this year. I have barely checked my personal Facebook account and feel SO good about that. I haven't checked Twitter since last January!
Basically , the less platform options I have the better.
Giving myself a phone curfew worked wonders. At the moment however I rely on my phone for nighttime feeds - I've been catching up on Kirstie's Handmade Christmas. all the cheesy Netflix films and slowly going through My List on Netflix.

Creativity. Something that upsets me quite a bit is not giving myself time to do this. Isn't it funny how you find yourself saying "I don't have time" and each time you take something else on (having another child in my case) you see just how much time you DID have. I guess the lesson is - if you want something badly enough, you make the time. Sacrificing that Boxset & PJ party each evening or that early night (Maybe in moderation... because self care is important!).

Meal planning. Not quite to plan, however I did stock the freezer for Olive pre-bebe's arrival. That felt so very good, seeing those little cubed portions all stacked up ready for a quick and easy healthy meal. Nothing better. I do want to do this more, I need to research into alternatives to ziplock bags as we have nearly used (& re-used many times) up the packet that we were given early last year. Any suggestions?

More Ethical / Zero waste. Finishing up 2018 I can feel positive that I have done very well with being more concious this year. We all have our own stainless steel One Green Bottle each as well as using Cruelty Free daily (and beauty) product, along with cleaning products. We still have a few nearly-empty bottles of non CF/non-natural based cleaning products that we're using up before replacing.
We have avoided buying clingfilm, purchasing plastic bags and wasteful packaged items too. We still struggle to pick up fruit and veg sans packaging (mostly due to pennies or lack thereof) but we do try hard to avoid when we can.

Decluttering. This process was an overwhelming one. It still is. We successfully completed a huge decluttering in the Summer. With little Merlo's arrival looming we needed to move Olive up into our spare room/office/creative space and create a "big girl bedroom" for her, which meant ALOT of decluttering. We had to be brutal. I still however feel like I can do more. It's hard to think like "I haven't touched this for a while therefore it is no use to me" when I genuinely have had no time due to newborn cuddles. BUT I am determined to minimise alot in 2019.

Self care. I spent alot of time napping before bebe arrived, or at least until Olive decided to drop her nap when I went on Maternity Leave! However we enjoyed slow days, coffee dates and early nights with reading. And that was pure bliss.
I did get to enjoy an hour long relaxing bubble bath on the last Sunday of the year. With chocolate coins, a new book. A whole hour just for me.
I admit I could have taken better care of myself of late. Asking for help, eating better (much much better), having too many expectations and taking too much on. are all things I have failed at. However I realise this as I write and am definitely going to do much better! I have been practising EFT Tapping and have found it helps me alot so I plan to keep this up going forward.

All in all, a successful goal reaching year. There were happy moments, sad moments, sassy moments (Olive!!) and learning moments but we have a new member in our Team Turton-Wall and we are all besotted with him so I'd say it was a very magical year indeed.
I hope you had a brilliant 2018 and it was full of magic, goals and happy moments. Let's hope 2019 is even better!

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  1. Very happy 2019 to you - and glad you had a good break!


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